This is advice perhaps intended especially for poor students, but also others who want to save money when you are shopping. By acting smart. Buy when it is cheap. Become a price conscious, and see what things cost, and you get an idea of ​​what is expensive and cheap. In particular, meat and vegetables vary widely from week to week.

Read the flyer to see what is the “coup of the week”

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Meat prices often vary from NOK 30 per kg from week to week or more, so there is a lot of money saved here. The same goes for vegetables. One week, for example, tomatoes will cost NOK 20 per kg and the next, they may cost NOK 45 / kg. As a rule, a few vegetables are cheap in a given week, so it might be better to buy only vegetables that week.

Especially with meat you can save a lot of money because meat can freeze. Almost all types of meat are cheap one week, so you should only buy meat when it is cheap and freeze it, and eat it when you want later. After all, it is not that meat in any way is inferior to the week it is cheap, so you have everything to gain by doing it this way. One condition is that you have a freezer, so you have room to freeze.

Of course, there are many other things that are also affordable for a few weeks that can save you money buying time. Otherwise, it may be easy to forget something that is far in some cabinets crossed the expiration date and he will no longer be of course, instead of saving money.

Another tip when it comes to meat and season is to feel free to stock up on meat in the spring because it is cheap, so you can buy less food in the summer when prices are much higher. Meat prices are higher in the summer because they are slaughtered much less because farmers take the time to enjoy the animals being out and eating as much as possible before being slaughtered.

Go to the cheapest store always

money cash

Although shopping at ICA or Menu is more fun, you will save a lot of money on buying a cheaper store like Rema or Kiwi. If you still want to shop at ICA, for example, you can go to a cheaper store once a month and stock up and stock up at home, then you can go to ICA and buy specials, vegetables and delicacies, the other three weeks of the month.

The conclusion of all this is that if you are smart you can eat good food cheaper.