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Our instant payday loans range from $100 to $1000

Whether you’re looking for new car finance, building a home, changing your home, renovating a home, equipping, buying a car or a motorbike, a PC, a wedding, or a long-awaited holiday or any other matter – we have the best Solution: We at offer you an instant payday loan with different conditions, amounts and interest rates – tailored to your personal requirements.

You can choose the duration according to your income situation, taking into account the life expectancy of the product to be purchased.

This is how you quickly get a loan

This is how you quickly get a loan

Flash loans are a good way to overcome unexpected and short-term bottlenecks. If you quickly save time for a repair, for investments in an enterprise idea or something similar, loans can be taken immediately – of course also in the Austrian capital.

Find out if you want to apply for a loan. Loans where only a few moments elapse between the loan application and the prior approval or rejection are considered as instant loans. Direct banks communicate with their bank customers via an internet connection or by telephone – the affected institute does not necessarily have to be domiciled, but can also be located in another federal state of Austria or in the neighboring country.

On the website of the principal bank, you will find the registration form, in which you enter only the important personal data (name, age, occupation, income level, payment obligation, etc.) and the loan itself (desired loan amount, duration, etc.). You will receive the completed form by e-mail. Now, the house bank sends the current loan agreement by letter or e-mail to the future borrower, in which all important conditions and information on the loan are recorded.

In addition, identity verification in a post office is required.

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Effective interest rate The effective interest rate shows the annual total credit costs in percentage terms and is the most important parameter for comparing differently structured loans of different institutions. In the case of consumer loans or instant loans, the house bank must report the effective interest rate.