From time to time, a situation may arise where you need a little more money in your bank account. When this is the case, you have a couple of different options. One of these options is to borrow – e.g. through a quick payday loan.

We have talked to one of our clients who, like many others, has taken out a quick payday loan, and we would like to share this conversation with you so you can gain a greater insight into the consideration, process and outcome.
Henrik, 44, from Odense has taken a quick payday loan from Yevgeny Bazarov. Read about his experiences below.

What situation were you in when you decided to take out a quick payday loan?

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“Well… I was actually in a very unfortunate situation. It was the end of the month, and then something happened that just can’t happen. My toilet was broken, and I was told to ski… You can’t really do without a toilet, right?
I called a plumber who came and fixed the problem for me. But the real problem arose only when I got the bill for this. I didn’t doubt for a second that I needed some extra money on my account – so I started to consider my options, including a quick payday loan online. ”

What advantages and disadvantages did you consider regarding quick payday loans?

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“I had found some different options, but quietly I started cutting some of them off. In the end, only the quick payday loan was left.
However, I was a little thoughtful as I have heard many say that it is dangerous and stupid to take out this type of loan.
However, I decided that I am a rational person and that I could probably find a good and safe loan. So that was exactly what I needed. I had to spend some money now and here and I knew I would be able to repay the loan quickly. ”

Why did you end up choosing Yevgeny Bazarov?

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“When I decided that a quick payday loan was the solution for me, I started searching the web. Here I came across some different websites that are comparative loans. These pages compare on several parameters such as interest rates, APR, terms and all that.
Then I just chose the provider that I thought matched me best, and in this case it was Yevgeny Bazarov. “

How did your ‘shit’ situation end?

“Haha. Yes, as I said, I was a little skiing … But fortunately, this is not a situation that is so often encountered.
Fortunately, I got the money very quickly and the loan process itself was very easy. So the day the money arrived at my easy account, I hurried to pay my bill.
It is now about a month ago and I pay my invoice from Yevgeny Bazarov in a little bit, so there is 100% control over it all. I do not feel ashamed to lend because I know that I am responsible and that it will be no problem to repay the money.
So everyone else who is in a shitty situation, I would also advise to visit Yevgeny Bazarov, because it is not at all dangerous as people say – I am at least very pleased. “